Prototyping a Stuff-able Fanny-Pack

The idea for this project emerged from summer backpacking trips. We would get to camp, set everything up, and then go fishing, or for a walkabout. The only problem was, that we didn’t have a convenient way to carry a few essentials, like a jacket, snacks, water, etc. Our backpacking packs were much too cumbersome, and the brains (top portion of backpack) are not very comfortable to wear. So then, I imagined a small, packable fanny pack, which wouldn’t weigh much, keep itself out of the way, but still allow us to carry a few essentials away from camp.


This is the first prototype of this idea. It is still really rough, in my mind, but not as bad as most my initial prototypes. Continue reading “Prototyping a Stuff-able Fanny-Pack”