Puff Jacket Part 3

After thinking I may have ruined the whole project (See Part 2) by not allowing enough ease into the armholes, I decided I would rather go down trying than give up. Fortunately, I had discovered a good technique for sewing gussets when I drafted a pair of long underwear (HERE), and decided to give it a go in the armpits of the jacket. The gussets completely saved the project and allowed me to finish what will become a long lasting and warm jacket.


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Tessuti Fabrics Oslo Coat


This is the Oslo Coat from Tessuti Fabrics, made in a heavy weight, plain weave wool. This was made for my Mom’s 70th Birthday. I bought the fabric from Tissu Fabrics, which I think has the best fabrics available in the Salt Lake City area. The pattern is also one the better drafted patterns I have come across, with some very intricate details coming together perfectly.  Continue reading “Tessuti Fabrics Oslo Coat”

The Heavy Work Apron

I put this work apron together a little while ago, and it has gained some popularity. I’ll walk through some of the details on how its constructed here. There are a ton of pictures so, I’ll post them together when there isn’t a lot of detail to see.

I drafted the original pattern off of myself and change bits and pieces depending on who is receiving the apron.


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With all the pieces cut and interfaced, I started to sew the rows together first. The interfacing was really light-weight, and there was still some distortion from the presser foot, which made getting the corners to line up more difficult. After I sewed all the rows together I experimented with the serger for the columns, and found that it did a really nice job of keeping the layers even with its differential feed.  Continue reading “Finishing”