Fully Seam-Sealed Rain Jacket


Based on my previous make of the Modified Jalie 2679 Softshell, here’s an unlined but fully seam sealed version for a lightweight rain jacket.


The pattern is the Jalie 2679 with my own hood pattern added to it. I also used a commercial seam tape to make all the seams waterproof. You can order seam tape online from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics for a very reasonable price.


The seam tape requires a lot of dry heat from the iron, and a little care is needed to protect the surrounding fabric. I used the tip and edges of the iron only, and lay some cotton along the sides to help shield the main fabric. Seam sealing is TEDIOUS! It takes a good amount of heat to melt the glue properly and I found myself making multiple passes. On the other hand, seam sealing is EASY, and with the right fabric, anyone could do it.


Otherwise, the build-up was the same as the original Jalie 2679 in Heavy Fleece.

Here are some final pictures:




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