Big Fabric Haul!

I was up in Boise ID and bought a whole ton of awesome sportswear fabric from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics! I’ve purchased from OWF before, and they provide fabrics from Polartec, Thinsulate, Apex, Gore-Tex, etc. These are the same fabrics that are used in commercial sports clothing, and will never be found in any Joann’s or similar type shop. Shipping is usually expensive for the bulky items (like insulation) so I couldn’t miss an opportunity to get some while I was in town.

Buying quality fabric is such a luxury, and will make already special projects that much better. When it comes to sportswear, high quality fabric is a must to withstand the stretching and wear-and-tear the clothes are designed for. For anyone interested in making sportswear, fleece jackets, insulated jackets, soft-shell, etc. I highly recommend giving OWF a look.

The Fabric Haul!

Polartec 100 Stretch

This is the fabric I used to make my wife the Jalie 3887 tights, which I’ll detail in a different post.

Polartec 100 Stretch in Black
Polartec Waffle Fleece


Lycra Wicking Base Layer


1.1 oz. Sil-Nylon


Apex Climashield 3.6 Synthetic Insulation


The sticker price on these fabrics may be a touch higher, but the performance and quality of construction quickly makes up for it. For anyone who is interested, order some up and give it shot. Fancy fabric is an easy way to take your sewing to the next level.

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