Fanny Pack Prototype #2


This is the second prototype, and it works pretty well. 

I was able to make the adjustments listed in the first post about this project. That said, this bag is not without it’s own issues, they are just less a hassle.

Here are some of the details for the changes, plus some of the issues.

Zipper Stops:

The first step was to add zip stops to both ends of the zipper. I did this so that I could remove the ends of the zipper, and make for less material in the top corners.


The zip stop is sewn, right sides together, onto the body. The zipper is then sewn over the stop.


The zipper is turned, and the excess width of the zip stop is cut off.


Once the body portion of the zipper is complete, and top-stitched, the zipper cover and top piece are sewn onto the other half of the zipper.



Heres a better picture of how I sewed the waist bands:

The webbing is sandwiched between the two layers of the waist band. The webbing that goes towards the wearer’s waist runs towards the right of the picture, and out the wider part of the waistband.


The waist band is sewn on three sides, with the wider side being left open to allow for turning

Once the band is turned right-side out, the webbing reverses direction and faces the correct direction. fullsizeoutput_409Here are the waistbands attached to the back.

Stuff pocket:

I also added a pocket to stuff everything into.


The issues:

Something didn’t work out when I attached the back, and I ended up about a 1/2″ short. I’ll need to add some width to the pattern.


I also had a length discrepancy along the bottom back, and had to add a box pleat to make it all fit. There is an issue in the width of the bottom piece, which resulted in a shorter bottom section. I’ll need to re-visit the pattern here also, and figure out what’s going on. But for now, this prototype works just fine


Above shows the pleat, and the first step of the French seam. For further makes, I am definitely going to use a seam tape.

Finished Pictures:


From the front


Front with zipper cover up


From the back.


Inside pocket. You can see that I forgot to add length to the zipper cover, and wasn’t able to sew it into one side. Not a big deal.


Heres the finished fanny pack, stuffed into it’s own 5×7 pocket.




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