Reading the Muslin

The muslins have already been built, but I thought that I would include some before and after pictures. The light blue shirt is the original pattern, unaltered. The green flannel has a full bust adjustment, sleeve length, and shoulder width alterations.


These were my initial thoughts on the pattern. The big obvious one being the sleeve length. The pattern size was chosen using the high bust measurement, with the intention of making adjustments. I think this was a good choice as the neckline, waist, hips, and sleeve widths were already close. The only major piece that was missing was the width through the bust and a large flare at the hips. There are some puckers along the cuff that are the result of changing the sleeve placket design. These were sorted out by reducing the width of the plackets.


This flare was addressed by grading down a few pattern sizes.

Here’s the second “muslin” which turned into a nice shirt. It’s not perfect, but good enough.


I went a touch short on the sleeves, and I think the shoulder width could be reduced a little more also. I moved the pockets up and in by 1/4 inch, but may move them even further in. There’s something not quite right about the pockets in my mind. Maybe the shirt would work best with only one, un-flapped, pocket?

Heres a link to the bulk of the pattern alterations: Flannel With a Bust Adjustment


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